Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mommy School { L is for Leaf }

This week was a tough one, school-wise, for us. In fact, this whole month has been relatively difficult. J had to have oral surgery earlier this month. He's doing much better now, but it was draining. I actually forgot to post up about our Butterfly week, so I'll have to do that later. It was a good one for us.

We're moving into fall themed lessons now. We did a little on apple last week, but this week we did leaves. The little monster loved it, so that's always a good thing.

We started the week like we usually do, with some worksheets. M is really starting to excel at the 'find the differences' pages. She's still struggling a bit with the prewriting sheets. She definitely understands the concept, but she has a hard time tracing the lines. Instead, she likes to mirror them above or below the actual line. I find this funny since she can trace the lines for letters (when she wants to) with no problem.

I'm still having a hard time getting her to write the letters for her name. She'll write an M and then give up saying that it's too hard. Any of you out there have any tips on this? She definitely recognizes her name and she can tell me what letters are in it (if she's looking at it), but she won't write them out, not even if I give her the letters for her to trace. Once in a while, I can get her to try, but it comes out all jumbled. She writes the letters too big, so then she tries to fit them in anywhere she can on the paper.

See how the A is inside the M and the M takes up practically the whole sheet of paper? She ran out of room for the D and then cried because it was difficult.

M had fun collecting leaves this week. She really enjoyed finding the different colors and shapes. We also scootered and jumped into the leaf piles.

We used the leaves that we collected to do some leaf observation charts. M actually started working on these without me. I had showed her what the sheets were before we went outside and while I was making lunch, she just picked one up, took out a leaf and started working. Yes, she is coloring the leaf in the bottom right corner with both hands, at the same time. I have a strong feeling that she's going to be ambidextrous. You'll notice in the pictures that sometimes she uses her left hand and sometimes her right. She tends to be steadier when she writes and draws with her right hand, but she still favors her left, so it's stronger. She only recently started holding her pencil correctly with her right hand, while she's been doing it correctly for almost a year now with her left. I'm going to credit her leappad for helping with the right hand. She never switches it to left hand when she needs to use the stylus, so she's forced to hold the stylus correctly to use it. Thank you, LeapFrog for helping with writing techniques. I've been trying to teach her for a year and you managed to do it in 3 months.

When we were finished with our leaf observation reports, we ripped them apart and glued them on to the letter L.

We spent a whole day at a playground nearby this week, too. We loved it there and it's the perfect addition to our first official 'learn about fall' school week. We played on the playground, went for a hike in the woods, climbed a giant leaf pile that we found at the back end of the park and then went back to the playground again. M loved climbing the giant 'mountain' and walking in the woods is always a hit for us. On our way back, we spotted a white heron near the lake. All in all, it was a pretty good week for us.

The leaf worksheets we used this week came from 2 Teaching Mommies.

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Love your L made from leaves...super cute!