Friday, October 25, 2013

Super Heroes are for Girls

Whoever said Super Heroes are for boys was sorely mistaken! When I asked M a few months ago what she wanted to be for Halloween, this response was immediate -- "Wumber Woman". Fast forward to this week, the Story Time teacher at our local library asked everyone what they were being for Halloween. All of the girls said "Cinderella", "Little Red Riding Hood", "Rapunzel".... anything and everything fairytale related. Until she got to M, who gave a resounding "Wonder Woman". Proud Momma moment, right here.

Now comes the dilemma. Target & Walmart don't have Wonder Woman costumes this year. Spider Girl. Super Girl. Bat Girl. But no Wonder Woman. Next stop, the Halloween store. Yeah, they wanted $50 for something that had no sleeves and no warmth to it whatsoever. Not happening. What's a crafty Momma to do? Make it herself, of course.

I actually finished this whole project in only a few hours. I made everything except the tiara and wrist cuffs, which I did buy at the Halloween store for $8.

The shorts were originally a pair of jeggings that we already had from Walmart (you can still get them for around $10, I think). I cut them to fit as shorts and she'll wear a pair of skin color stockings underneath for warmth. The jeggings were perfect because they already had the stars on them!

Next, I took M's pair of white snow boots and turned them into Wonder Woman boots. How? That, my friends, is the miracle of red duct tape. Even better? When Halloween is over, I can just remove the duct tape and she can still wear them for winter. I was actually really afraid that the boots wouldn't come off as Wonder Woman boots, but I finished one, M walked in and exclaimed "WONDER WOMAN BOOTS?! COOL!!!!" Once she said that, I knew I was in the clear.

The last step, and probably the most time consuming, was the shirt. Do you know how hard it is to find a PLAIN red long sleeve shirt for GIRL'S at this time of year? Yeah, pretty much impossible. So I hit the boys section at Target and spotted one for $5. It was big, but that's where being able to sew comes in handy. I used a shirt that fits her as a guide and took in the sides and arms. I also shortened the sleeves so that she wouldn't have to roll them up. A few stitches and cuts later and we've got ourselves a plain red, GIRL'S long sleeve shirt.

After that, it was a cake walk. I used 2 Tulip Gold Glitter Iron-On Transfer sheets (I grabbed these at Joann Fabrics & used a coupon to make them around $6 each) to make the logo and the belt. The belt was easy. Just cut to shape and iron on. The logo, I found an outline online and sent the sheet through my printer so that it would print on the backside of the transfer sheet. This was the best idea I think I've ever had. Why? Because when I ironed it onto the shirt, I could still faintly see the black outline through the applique. PERFECT for the black fabric paint outline!

All in all, this project cost me around $25 including the tiara and wrist cuffs and around 4 hours of my time (not including drying time for the fabric paint). Not too bad for something that's warm and has pieces that can be re-used!