Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Healthier Eating

Sometimes there are foods that just taste better when cooked with olive oil. Some of my favorites are sauteed vegetables, tortellini and even salads. But aside from the taste, olive oil is really just healthier all around. There is no cholesterol, trans fat, salt, sugar or gluten. It also helps protect against heart disease, aids in digestion, and has been known to promote healthy aging.

Did you know that people in the Mediterranean countries, like Italy and Greece, have the lowest rates of heart disease & Alzheimer's disease? They also have the longest life expectancy. So, there really is something to be said for swapping out your butter and margarine for some olive oil.

Over the last year, since I was let go from my office job, I've been making it a point in my household to eat and cook healthier. We've shied away from processed foods and eat a lot more raw and natural foods. We've even started a little balcony garden with tomatoes, beans, spinach and strawberries. I try to cook with olive oil whenever I can instead of butters and margarines. As a result of this  healthier eating (and being more active), I've lost around 50lbs. You can read more about healthier eating, olive oil and the Mediterranean diet over on Filippo Berio's website.

Filippo Berio is one of my favorite brands of olive oil. They have a variety of types, including Extra Light Tasting and Organic oils. Their website even has a nice little guide (found here) for selecting the perfect olive oil for the type of meal you're cooking. For example, if you're scrambling eggs, you can use the Extra Light Tasting. If you're drizzling it over your favorite vegetables, you can use the Extra Virgin olive oil or the Organic olive oil. They even have recommendations for soups. stews and boiling pasta.

Olive Oil is a staple in our home now. I love it on my salads with a little vinegar or sauteeing with it. I'm not a huge fan of the strong flavor of olive oil in a lot of foods, so we tend to stick with the Extra Light Tasting olive oil and it's perfect. It's not too strong, but it has enough punch to really make your meal special.

One of our favorite meals to make with Filippo Berio is Three Cheese Spinach Tortellini with Garlic & Parmesan. It's the hubs' specialty. We boil some three cheese tortellini for a few minutes (we like Bertolli!). Then, we put it and the spinach in a giant frying pan with some EVOO and minced garlic (when we're running low on garlic, we use garlic powder) and sautee it for a few minutes. When it's done, we top with Parmesan cheese and enjoy!

What do you guys like to use olive oil for?

NOTE: I received a free bottle of Filippo Berio via BzzAgent in order to write this post. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Facts are available on Filippo Berio's website.

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