Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hiring Your Kid a Tutor?

Growing up, I had a close friend whose family used to hire him and his sisters tutors all the time. I thought it was funny because we were only in kindergarten, first and second grade, but his parents would hire him tutors for classes we didn't even take in school yet. It was very weird to me that I couldn't hang out with him sometimes because of that.

When I got to college, I thought about getting myself a tutor for a couple of my more difficult classes. We used to get emails in our school inbox that would say things like "search now for the perfect tutor" or telling us to head over to the building on campus that had the student tutors. I even contemplated becoming a campus tutor at one point, but the pay wasn't great and the hours were practically 0. It wasn't worth it.

Now that I'm a mom and M isn't in school anymore, I contemplate hiring her a tutor just to make sure she's on top of all the stuff she's supposed to be learning before kindergarten. Then I think, why? She'll be headed off to kindergarten in about a year and a half. We go to the library a few times a month for "story time" and other "classes" (but mostly just to interact with the other kids). I also try to work on writing and phonics and money with her. Why hire a tutor now when I can do the same things myself?

Have you thought about hiring yourself or your kids a tutor? What decision did you come to?

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