Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pinecone Wreath { DIY }

In the fall, I had high hopes of creating a beautiful acorn wreath similar to this one from Dana at Made. Unfortunately, that never happened. I love the way the wreath looks with the long acorns and as hard as I looked, I just couldn't find any. I guess we only have the standard short acorns around here and I couldn't get it to look the way I wanted it to with those. So, I put away the foam wreaths I bought for another time. Last month, I fell in love with some beautiful pinecone wreaths I found on pinterest (find me here) and decided I could do that! The only problem? My wreath was relatively small - only about 9.5" in diameter. I decided to try anyway.

I lucked out this time. There are quite a few pine trees outside our apartment and in the parking lot. The ones behind us were only producing the large pinecones, but the ones out front had some small ones. Perfect!

After a bike ride, the little monster and I decided to bring some home. We piled them into her little princess carriage attached to her bike and made our way back. They wound up sitting on my dining room table for a few days before I got around to going through them, but I'm so glad I did. The wreath turned out beautifully. The red "berries" are small wooden beads that I wrapped in red fabric leftover from M's Christmas picture dress.

 You will need:
  • foam wreath (mine was approximately 9.5" in diameter)
  • brown spray paint (or brown fabric/yarn)
  • appropriately sized pinecones for your wreath
  • small/medium wooden beads
  • red fabric
  • hot glue

To start, spray paint or cover your wreath in brown yarn or fabric. I lucked out here. I found mine in the Target dollar section back in September or October and it was already brown. You could do other colors, but the brown will make the gaps between the pinecones less noticeable. If you spray paint it, make sure to let it dry completely.

Once your wreath is ready, start at the inside. I angled my pinecones up and to the right a little bit. After gluing the first pinecone to the wreath, make sure to glue the rest to the wreath and the pinecone(s) next to it. This will make them more secure and less likely to fall off.

When you've attached all of your pinecones to the inside of the ring, move to the outside. With my wreath flat on the table (or other work surface), I glued the pinecones flat in a circle around it. Gluing both to the wreath and gluing the ends to the pinecone in front of and behind it. I did not angle these at all.

Now it's time to work on the middle of the ring. You're going to lay your pinecones in alternating directions. I began with the head of my pinecone angling diagonal to the bottom right and then glued the next one angled up and to the left. I continued in this fashion all the way around. Since my wreath was kind of small, the small pinecones reached almost all the way across. You will have some gaps, this is okay. At this point, I even purposely left some "bead" sized gaps. To make sure all of the pinecones were secure, I glued it wherever they were touching another pinecone. Not the entire length, but definitely a few spots on each side.

To make the beads, I found that the easiest way was to wrap a piece of red fabric around it, cinch it at the bottom and tightly "tie" a thin piece of fabric to make sure it doesn't come unwrapped while you're gluing. Cut the leftover tail so that it properly fits in your gap. To glue it in, I stuck glue in the hole, stuck the "berry" in and then glued all around it to secure it to the surrounding pinecones.

Once you've got all of your pinecones and berries attached, you're done! I looped a piece of navy and cream chevron fabric around it and hung it on my wall. You can hang it on your wall or door any way you'd like.

If you make one of these, I'd love to see it!


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