Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's Finished! + Cheap Holiday Cards

When it comes to taking Christmas pictures, this year has been the worst year I've ever experienced with the little monster. I spent 2 full days making a beautiful outfit for M's pictures - complete with a peasant top, ruffle pants, a long sash and a matching necklace. I double and triple stitched everything. I even even ironed the fabric! Come on, I never iron the fabric for M's dresses. Everything came out just the way I wanted it to.

The main dress fabric is a navy and cream chevron that I got on sale at Jo-Ann's over black friday weekend and the red is a table cloth that I picked up at Goodwill in October for $1. The necklace is just leftover fabric twisted around some wooden beads I had lying around. All together, this outfit cost me around $5. Not bad at all. I even tried some new things with this dress. The necklace was a first time for me, but I also added encased elastic in the sleeves and waist line, which I never do. The sash I had to piece together because I was running out of red, but I love the way the whole thing came together.

The day after I finish everything, I decide we should take some Christmas pictures outside under the pine trees. Perfect! It was a decent day, a little chilly, but decent. Do you know what the first thing M did was? Fell down in some mud. No problem. I can handle this. I just turned wiped them down with a wet wipe and turned them around. Problem solved. Yeah, except that my daughter refused to smile the entire time we were outside. She just whined and complained the whole time. I didn't get 1 single good shot. I'm not going to lie, I cried. I tried again yesterday, but the same thing happened. She just would not let me get a good shot of her. So I gave in. Apparently Christmas pictures are not high on her list of priorities this year.

I went through the pictures again and managed to find one okay shot to use for a card. I lucked out, too, Vistaprint is doing 50 cards for $15 shipped through December 7th, so I jumped right on that. I was up until nearly 12:30 AM last night working on our Christmas cards, but I'm officially in love.

I find myself just opening it up to look at it every now and then. Yeah, I'm that much in love with it. I designed the whole thing myself and spent hours perfecting it. She may not be looking at the camera, but she sure does look cute. Since Vistaprint was including a colored back side at no additional charge, I went ahead and added a coordinating pattern to tie it all together.

 If you haven't ordered your cards yet and wanted to get in on this deal, you can go here and order your 50 cards for $15 with shipping & envelopes included, too.

Here are a few more shots that I liked or that I thought were funny.

Phew! I'm so glad to have 1 more project crossed off my list this season!

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