Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Mysterious Mermaid & Pajama Dance Parties


Once upon a time, there was a mysterious mermaid. 
She lived in the mysterious ocean. 
Then the mysterious mermaid prince came to the party and they danced and danced and danced. 
Then they went home. 
The end.
That's the best story you've ever read, right?? M "wrote" it on a piece of paper  - or rather, she drew scribble lines on a sheet of paper she stole from my printer instead of a piece of paper from her giant basket of construction paper and "read" the words from it. She also wrote another story about a mysterious princess, which was remarkably similar to The Mysterious Mermaid - except she lived in a mysterious castle instead of the mysterious ocean. It was "written" on another sheet of stolen printer paper because, really, who writes on the back of paper these days?
Why yes, my child is wearing her pajamas in the middle of the day, but no, they are not the ones she slept in. My daughter sleeps in the buff and only puts pajamas on to have pajama dance parties. Who doesn't like pajama dance parties in the middle of the day?

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