Sunday, November 4, 2012

Facebook Nostalgia

I remember when I first left home to attend college and Facebook was all the rage. It was so simplistic. No news feed. Just details about you and a wall. No ads. No spam. No groups. Just you and a wall. It was elitist, too. Only those with a college email address that ended in .edu could join. Who knew that it'd grow to be larger than Myspace (remember that one?!)?

Nowadays, Facebook has everything from ads to a newsfeed to a chat that basically eradicated AIM. Does anyone even use AIM anymore? Heck, does anyone really use AOL anymore? There are even facebook smileys from myemoticons that can be used in chats and on walls, group chats, web cam chats; they even bought out instagram! Anyone can join now, from your grandmother to a large corporation. You can even make a page (because they have those now) for your pet. There are fan pages and music pages, where you can even stream live music.

Sometimes I miss the simplicity of The Facebook (yes, that's what it was still called when I first joined) and want to rip out my hair from all of the game requests (really, who wants to block every single game in creation manually), but then there are other days that I am grateful for the new and "improved" facebook. Without it, I wouldn't be able to check in on my family and friends quickly to make sure they weathered Sandy well or see photos of the destruction. I like that I can post my photos quickly and all of my friends and family can see them in one shot. I guess you can say that I have a love relationship with this particular social website, but overall, I'm thankful for it. Does anyone even remember what it was like before Facebook anymore? Ha!

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Crystal Cierlak said...

I remember joining Facebook at your recommendation. I was very unsure about it and was still stuck on MySpace. I think there is an intensifying love/hate relationship with Facebook, because there are times when it is absolutely valuable and worth all the trouble, but generally speaking it can be a pain sometimes. I think people would flock to something else if there was a comparable social network site, but nothing has come up that can even match the allure of what Facebook used to be. Google+ tried but it was not very spectacular.