Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Story About Vitamins

What do you look for when you shop for vitamins for either yourself or someone else? We tried vitamins with M about a year ago and she refused to eat them. I had given her the gummy ones, but I guess she didn't like that they stuck in her teeth. Now that she likes eating fruit snacks, I thought I might give it another whirl. I brought her to the store with me this time and let her pick out her own vitamins. I figured if she picked it out, maybe she'd be more inclined to give them a try. We wound up with Disney Princess gummy vitamins, which really isn't a surprise. You know what though? She loves them. She asks to take her 2 every morning when she wakes up and she's pretty good about it.

So yesterday, it came time to take her vitamins and she ran off with the bottle like she always does. She knows how to open the lid, but she's very good about only taking 2. She comes back a minute later, sans bottle, and do you know that little stinker ate half the bottle?!

Mommy, my tummy hurts.
I ate too many anemones (yes, she calls vitamins anemones).
What do you mean you ate too many? You eat 2. How many did you eat?
How many did you eat?!
I don't know.... Can I have something to eat?

Needless to say, the vitamins are now hidden and I'm the only one who can give her her 2 in the morning. What about you guys? Do your kids take vitamins? What is your brand & kind of choice? Did you let your kids pick them out or did you just grab the bottle of your choice? I've been considering checking out Smarty Pants gummy vitamin for M now that I know she'll eat vitamins. They're made with organic ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup. When my car is fixed, I may need to take a trip to the Whole Foods down the street to check them out.

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