Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is Halloween, everyone scream

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. The smells of fall - wood burning, leaves turning. The colors. I love it all. Unfortunately, I grew up in a house where my family didn't really like to decorate for the holidays (with the exception of Christmas). Sure, we had the stray ghost up or something, but that was it. I vowed to myself that when I had my own place, I'd be sure to decorate for every holiday.

Now that M is getting older, I thought it'd be fun to start doing some projects with her. Yes, we have the stray store bought decoration, but I'm really trying to do more handmade - especially now that I'm home and have the spare time. I have to say, she's loving it so far. She likes going around and photographing everything we do, too. The photo to the left was taken by her. Not too shabby for the work of a 3 year old! I haven't done quite as much as I had hoped to do by now, but I'm working on it. Between her handmade Halloween costume and the decorations, I've been a busy bee!

One of my favorite decorations so far this year is my dining room wall. I spent a few hours last week painting a Hallowed moon on foam board and then cutting it out. Word of advice - don't try to cut foam board with scissors. The scissors will break. I used Dana's tutorial for making it and I think it came out so nicely. I chose foam board to make it a little more sturdy. I'm hoping it'll stick around for a few years. I also added some glow in the dark glitter for a little added oomph. I love it.

I re-used my bats from last year (also a Dana project!), but I'm loving the way they are arranged this year. I have them soaring across the big wall in our dining room, above the window, and into a big flock on the adjoining wall - all headed towards the moon.

I think I may need to make some new ones for next year though. It seems Miss M decided to "color" the the lower ones on the wall.Oh well, better the bats than the wall itself!

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BOWquet said...

I LOVE those bats!