Monday, October 22, 2012

Mummified Doors

This budget-friendly little project was a fun one! It only cost me less than $2 to do it. The materials? White crepe paper/streamers, white & black construction paper (2 pieces of white and 1 piece of black) and some tape. The Little Monster and I took turns taping white crepe paper onto our foyer closet door in different directions. When it was finished, I taped on 2 big white circles and 2 smaller black circles for eyes. Voila - instant mummified door!

I would have loved to do my outside door, but we get a lot of moths hanging around our front door and I didn't think it'd hold up very well. I decided the foyer closet would be better since it's the first thing you see when you walk in our apartment. I still have a ton of crepe paper left, too, so I may do another door somewhere inside.

1 comment:

Crystelle said...

What a great idea! And so simple!
I might even be able to pull this one off....

Thanks for the idea!
Happy Halloween!

hugs ~ Crystelle