Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tot School { Outer Space }

In school last week, Miss M and I studied outer space. It actually worked out, too, because Nick Jr is having space month and there were a lot of coordinating shows she could watch. I found a big solar system poster with rocket ships in the back to school section of Target for $2.50. We used it a lot last week, so I'd say it was a great buy for us!

[We didn't do school on Monday because of the holiday]

On Tuesday, we started out with some outer space themed Goldfish crackers. M shared some with her baby lion and then we sorted them by color. Since there were red goldfish and red planets, she made her own pattern with those.

I found a ton of solar system and planet themed songs last week. Our favorite was "The Solar System" to the tune of "This Old Man" (to find it, click here and scroll down to the bottom). I skipped the verse about Pluto. When I started singing it the first time, Miss M decided she wanted to point to each planet as we sang. I'm glad she did because it gave her a chance to visualize where each planet was while we were singing.

I found a planet coloring page and M tried to make all of the colors match the solar system poster on the wall. She really enjoys drawing more than she does coloring and I think this is the first time she sat and colored a whole page... or most of a whole page. I wound up having to color Uranus for her.

I pulled a lot of ideas this week from Busy Bee Kids Printables. They have a lot of themes up there, so I recommend checking them out. We used most of the easy & preschool level space mazes, as well as their memory game and some of the craft ideas. I also pulled a couple worksheets (like the one above) from All Kids Network.

Using the Size Sequencing cards from Homeschool Creations's Astronaut Preschool Pack, I told her to arrange them from big to little. She tends to work from left to right instead of right to left and she took the liberty of creating a pattern here. She did big, small, big, small, etc. I did make her do it again from big all the way down to small, but I was impressed with her creating a pattern all by herself. We also used the shadow matching cards and the prewriting worksheets from this Astronaut pack.

Throughout the week, we added on to our 'space wall'. We made a new star every day. Two were colored, one had sticky gems on it and the last one we painted.

The gems were her favorite. Any time I see them on sale at the craft store or Target, I pick them up because she really uses them on everything. M told me this one was her police badge and then remembered that she had a cowgirl hat in her room that I had hung on her wall from when we went to the circus in the spring. She asked if she could get it down and put her star on it so that she could be a sheriff.

We also made a "telescope" this week with a toilet paper tube, a piece of black paper and a rubber band. We placed the paper over the one end of the tube and fastened it on with the rubber band. Then, I poked holes in it with a toothpick. We used it to look at the lights and see "stars". I got a really cute picture, but it got deleted by accident. :(

Outside of space related stuff, we took a trip to the library for Story & Craft Time. Their theme last week was hats. Miss Holly read 2 books about hats to the kids (ages 3-6). They also did a couple songs, parachute time and decorated their own crowns. It rained all week here, so we also borrowed Wii Fit Jr for her to try out and get some exercise in. We did manage to take one nice walk last week, but it wound up down-pouring half way through. Oh well! A little water never hurt anyone. We also tried rollerskating again last week.

Things We Watched:
Bubble Guppies - The Moon Rocks
Olivia - Explores Outer Space
WordWorld - Rocket to the Moon

We watched a lot of Rocket to the Moon last week. M loves WordWorld, so when I spotted Rocket to the Moon at our library, I knew it would be a great choice. I'd say she watched it probably 2 times every day last week. The one thing that I really don't like about WordWorld is that all of their dvds freeze my tv when they're over and to fix it, I have to turn my surge protector off and back on. Does anyone else have this problem? It drives me crazy!

Books We Read:
Me and My Place in Space by Joan Sweeney
The Moon Might Be Milk by Lisa Shulman
Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes
Zoom, Rocket, Zoom! by Margaret Mayo
Meet the Planets by John Mcgranaghan
Stars by Mary Lyn Ray
What the Moon is Like by Franklyn Branley

I enjoyed all of these books. I really liked Me & My Place in Space because it talked about a little girl and where she is in the Universe. It gives a few facts about each planet, but they're easy facts for kids. The only downside to this book is that it's older, so it still considers Pluto as a planet. I just skipped the little Pluto blurb and said that there were 8 planets instead of 9. The Moon Might Be Milk & Kitten's First Full Moon were cute. The first is about a little girl who wants to know what the moon is made of and the latter is about a kitten who thinks the moon is a saucer of milk and is trying to chase it down. Miss M wasn't too thrilled with Zoom, Rocket, Zoom, but it did go over some key space things and had beautiful illustrations. I think her favorite book last week was Meet the Planets. The planets are all competing in a competition to see which is the best planet of all and Pluto is the host of the event. He introduces each planet and gives a few facts about them. At the end of the book, you have to decide which planet is the best one. M picked Earth, but she said Saturn came in second place. M's second favorite book last week was probably Stars. It's all about keeping a star in your pocket and kids looking at the stars. It's cute. What the Moon is Like was really good, too. Some of the words were definitely out of her vocabulary range, but I tried to give her an easy definition for them. This book tells you all about how people visited the moon and how the moon differs from Earth.

You can find all of the books and shows we used on the carousel below.


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