Monday, September 17, 2012

Mommy School { Dinosaurs }

I decided to change the title of my "school" to Mommy School instead of Tot School Why? Well, Miss M is sort of at the in-between stage. She's 3.5 and we do a mix of tot school, preschool and even some Kindergarten stuff. I think Mommy School is a better fit for us.
Last week, we tried to do dinosaurs. We took turns not feeling well, so we didn't get as much done as I had hoped.

The very first thing we did was paint some glow in the dark dinos with glow in the dark paint. I was trying to hold off on this one for later, but she spotted the kit days ahead of time and was begging me every day to do it. I'm surprised I managed to fend her off for the 3 days I did. haha. I found the kit at AC Moore and it came with 2 dinosaurs (a stegosaurus and a triceratops), a set of 3 glow in the dark paints and a paint brush.

We did take 2 trips to the local children's museum this week. Once with friends and once on our own. They have a whole room dedicated to dinosaurs and it happens to be M's favorite, so at least we got that done. In the middle of the room, they have a big fossil did area. It's filled with rubber pieces that you can 'dig' through to find the fossils on the bottom of the area. You can see on the back wall in the picture a giant map. It's magnetized and you can go through and place the dinosaurs in the areas where they were "found" back in the day. They also have a jungle gym area in here, as well as a trilobyte area where you can place a piece of paper over top and use a crayon to make a tracing of it.

The museum has some other cool exhibits, too. There's a diner, a ship, a farm, a vet, a hospital, a construction area, a castle, a theater and a few others. I'd say we spent a good 3 hours, if not more, at the museum each time. We also took a trip to the castle playground nearby. It was our first time there and Miss M had a ball.

Book & media wise, we read The Berenstain Bears: Dinosaur Dig and Dangerous Dinos. We watched The Land Before Time (the original) and Dinosaur Train. Both books were a hit. We can't seem to go wrong with The Berenstain Bears in our house. Dangerous Dinos was cool. I found it at Target. It has a holographic cover and inside it gives facts about different types of dinosaurs. It's very child friendly. I skipped some of the stuff, like the era the dinosaur lived in and how big it was, but M liked it. At the end, there's a little quiz to see if the kids were paying attention. The Land Before Time was a hit. We watched it 2 or 3 times last week. We watched Dinosaur Train using the PBS Kids app on my iphone. We love this app. It's great for when M is getting antsy while I shop or am running errands. I can just hand it to her and she can watch Curious George or Martha Speaks, etc. The app is also available on your ipad, itouch or android. I also found a couple dinosaur apps for my iphone. One of our favorites was Dino World for Kids. It's a free memory game app.

We did do some worksheets this week, just not as many as I would have liked. We did the prewriting worksheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler and a couple "Which One is Different" sheets from 3 Dinosaurs. I also printed out a capital and lower case Dd and we colored them in with markers.

For lunches last week, we had dinosaur chicken nuggets, dinosaur pasta and dinosaur shaped sandwiches! I found a dinosaur sandwich cutter 2 weeks ago at Target for only 30 cents! That was definitely a good find.

I had high hopes for this week since M picked the theme, but it didn't pan out the way that I wanted it to. I think I'll give it another whirl in a few weeks.