Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mobilize Your Website!

Did you know that a lot, if not most, people use their phones or tablets to browse the internet nowadays? With the continued rise of smartphones, it has become more and more common. I know that I'm guilty of using my phone to read blogs and check out other sites more often that my computer since I bought my iPhone. I bet if you check out your web stats, you'll see a good number of visitors coming from mobile sites, mostly in this format with M symbolizing mobile.

With that being said, I really hate when I go to a website on my phone and I have to keep stretching and moving just to be able to read a post with no pictures. Yeah, sure, I could jump on my computer and check it out, but if I'm sitting at the playplace in McDonald's while M plays and I see something that strikes my fancy, that's not always possible and I don't always remember to check it out later. Sure, some mobile sites don't work for me and I wind up clicking on FULL SITE, but at least I have the option to use the mobile version.

So if you find that you have a good handful of people coming over to your site using their phones, you may want to consider learning how to create a mobile website. Most blogging platforms let you turn on and off the mobile version of your site fairly easily. In blogger, for instance, you can simply go to templates, edit the mobile version and click 'turn on' and choose a template to use. But don't stop there - use your phone to make sure that your site looks ok and works properly! If you don't have a smartphone, ask a friend or family member or even a fellow blogger to test it out for you. Trust me, it'll make a difference.

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