Sunday, September 16, 2012

DIY Canvas Pumpkin { Just Something I Whipped Up }

Now that M is getting older, I'm starting to feel like I should decorate for the holidays and seasons more often. Not that I didn't like decorating before, but it's just more fun now because she can help me.

The other day, I stopped by AC Moore and noticed that they had 11x14 canvas 2 packs on sale for $3! With the price of canvas nowadays, you really can't beat that. So, I grabbed a pack with tons of ideas in my head. I'll show you what we did with the other canvas later.

I also picked up a pack of blank pumpkin cut outs from JoAnn's the other day. I think it was a 5 pack for $1. I took some awesome in progress pictures, but I had to reboot my phone and forgot to save them. Duh, me.

Anyway, I taped the pumpkin on to the canvas in the location of my choice and just painted the entire thing orange. When it was dry, I peeled the pumpkin off and painted glue all over the pumpkin. Then, I sprinkled Martha Stewart's glow in the dark glitter on top and voila! You can see from the picture, I messed up the paint in a few spots, but overall, I like it. I figure I can always go back over the problem areas with white paint later, if it bugs me that much. I still have the orange pumpkin leftover. I have an idea in mind for that, too.

I'm thinking that I might need to do this for Christmas. I can see it now. An all green canvas with a Christmas tree cut out. Or maybe an all red one with an ornament? The possibilities are endless!

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