Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moldy Hygiene Products { + New Blog Design }

A few months ago, I came across a blog post out there on the interwebs about a woman who accidentally pushed her Kotex tampon too far out of it's applicator only to find that it was literally covered in mold. When she emailed the company about it, they told her that this was "normal" sometimes and sent her coupons. While I don't typically purchase Kotex, I did occasionally at that point. After I saw the post, however, I vowed to never buy them again. There were other tampon options, no big deal. If you haven't heard about this, you can find the original story here. Ironically, the woman who found the tampon's name is also Danielle.

Today, I was shopping at my local Target and realized we were just about out of toilet paper at home, so I headed back that way. While I like Charmin the best, I tend to buy Scott because it lasts us longer and I usually have coupons. So, I get back there and I find that most of the packages look like this:

At first glance, I thought maybe the package just has a little dirt on it, but as I looked closer and tried to brush the package off, I realized it was mold.

Yeah, needless to say, I picked another brand and found an employee to let them know about the mold. And you know what I realized as I was checking out? Scott & Kotex are both Kimberly Clark brands. I think that I'll be avoiding their hygiene products from now on.

 PS - What do you guys think of the new blog design?


Crystal Cierlak said...

Maybe this will sound stupid but I didn't even know paper products could grow mold. I guess it makes sense though if they get wet and don't ever dry out... I will definitely be more cognizant of that in the future!

Hygiene Products said...

have you seen products from Funky Goddess. Seen her recent on Dragons Den.