Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Toddler Room Re-Do + Fabric Wallpaper How To

When we first told M back in January that we were moving, she asked if she could please have a pink room. Her favorite color is purple, so why she requested pink is beyond me, but I agreed. Unfortunately, the hubs & I were busy with work and never really got around to it. That and the idea of painting her room and then having to repaint it when we decided to leave was really discouraging me.

Then, I came across a tutorial online somewhere that recommended starching fabric up on the wall. What a brilliant idea! Just fix it up there and when you're ready to leave, pull it down. Awesome. So I went out and bought myself some pink fabric for an accent wall. Here it is nearly 7 months later and I finally got the time to work on it.

M's room before we moved her stuff in

It's a pretty large room, just about the same size as the master bedroom. It has a little hallway that connects to the guest bathroom and 2 closets on either side of the hall.

The princess and her new pink wall (and butterfly mirrors). The window is to the right.

She loved it and it was super easy to do! I forgot to take in progress pictures because I was too excited, but all I did was tack the fabric that I pre-washed and dried up (leaving about an inch all sides, just in case). Then I took a can of spray starch and went to town. I used a hard piece of cardboard (I think from a wooden puzzle box) to flatten the air pockets and smooth it out. Then I let it all dry. That's it! Once it was completely dry, I trimmed around the edges with a box cutter (or exacto knife) and removed the pins.

Finished pink accent wall
Here it is now. The edges are a little loose, but it stays up by itself. I'd like to go over the top one more time, but it can wait. I had the monster paint some wooden butterflies that I found on clearance at Michael's for $1.50 and attached some ribbon from my stash to the backs. I intend to hang some of her art on it. The mirrors I found on clearance at Target for $3 and the pink flower was $3 from JoAnn's.

I still have a few minor touches to work on and I'd like to add something to the opposite wall (it's plain white), but overall, I'm pleased.

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