Monday, July 16, 2012

Toddler Field Trips

M went on her first field trip at the end of June. The preschool, pre-k and k classes all walked across the street to the children's museum. I signed up to chaperone, along with 3 other parents, and I have to say, I think that I will be chaperoning all of the field trips for a while. It's not that anything necessarily went wrong, but I saw that some of the kids purposely would try to walk away from the group.

We did wind up losing 1 kid, but we thought she had left with the teacher to use the bathroom (she was holding on to the teacher's shorts). Apparently not. She didn't wander too far though, just across the way and I did find her. We lost a second kid, but that was because we moved to a new station and instead of coming, he decided to stay behind in the previous section. He doesn't speak any English and it was hard to keep him with the group.

Last week, the field trip was to the bowling alley (and yes, I chaperoned that one, too). The kids had a blast! It was M's first time and she really enjoyed it.

I love her bowling stance

I'm excited for going with the kids to the farm this week.

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