Monday, February 20, 2012

Lots & Lots of Vegetables

As a part of my goal to eat healthier and cook at home more often, the hubs & I have decided to give Weight Watchers a try (the old point system). We started on Sunday, so I think Sundays are going to be my weigh in days. I need to remember to take my measurements, too.

Today was day 2 and so far, so good. On Saturday, I took a trip out to produce junction and grabbed a ton of fresh vegetables. I love that place. I bought 2lbs of zucchini, 2 containers of grape tomatoes, 2 heads of lettuce, 1 quart of strawberries, 3lbs of broccoli florets, 1 bag of vine tomatoes, 2 avocados, 2 huge cucumbers, 1 head of cauliflower, 2 packages of celery hearts, a bag of carrots, a container of fresh spinach and a potted plant for $25. Not bad! I forgot how cheap that place is.

I finally came up with a meal plan for this week, too.

Sunday // Garlic steak; sauteed onions, mushrooms & zucchini; 'skinny' smashed red potatoes
Monday // BLT salad
Tuesday // Homemade chicken nuggets; sweet potato fries; zucchini sticks
Wednesday // Omelettes (I'm thinking with broccoli & bacon)
Thursday // Baked broccoli mac & cheese
Friday // Leftovers

Unless I come up with something else, I'm leaning towards leftovers on Friday. I grocery shop on Saturdays, so I'm 1 day short this week. Actually, if I end up making dinner every night this week, it'll be the first time in a long time that we didn't eat out at least once. I'm pretty excited about that.

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