Monday, September 26, 2011

The Things Kids Say....

M has always been a very good kid. She almost always listens and does what we ask her to. I'm not saying she's perfect, but she never really gives us much trouble and she's way more behaved than a lot of other 2 year olds I've met over the year.

I have to tell you guys though, she killed me yesterday. The Monster likes to play "band" with J sometimes. She was playing her keyboard/xylophone and he was playing her piano. Well, she was not a happy camper when he wouldn't let her "count down" to play. After asking him to stop a dozen times, she wound up exclaiming "DADDY, I SAID STOP..... GEEEEEZ CHRIST". I just about died. Not only did she use a phrase she shouldn't be using, but she used it in the correct context. I think I laughed for about 10 minutes after she walked away.

Later, I was asking her to pick up her chair that she decided to throw on the floor for no apparent reason. Wouldn't you know, she walks right over to me, puts her hand on my shoulder, looks me straight in the face and says "Mommy, relax" and goes back to watching tv! I was stunned. She did eventually pick up the chair, after telling me to relax a dozen more times, but I was floored.

What things do your kids say that kill you?

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oh man that ROCKS! :)
Lovie, several months back when she was really starting to talk more English ;), made her way to my bedroom door where my H was still asleep and yelled, "Get up dada!" i about peed myself.