Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm Still Alive!

I'm still alive! I know you guys haven't seen me around much. I'm busy trying to figure some things out. Nothing bad, just trying to find a better balance to my life.

I've been trying to get my handle on this couponing thing to try to bring down some of our bills, and eventually some of our debt. It seems to be sucking up a good part of my free time (usually late at night). I really hate clipping and organizing, but it seems to be paying off so far... even if only a little bit.

Late night coupon clipping tends to mean less sleep for me. This week was a little rough, to be honest. J was away for a work function Tuesday & Wednesday and worked late Thursday & Friday. That meant I was up at 5:30 every morning and didn't get to bed until at least 11:00. Not fun.

I'm a little behind on my Etsy orders, so that really stinks for me. I need to finish 1 dress, 1 pair of bloomers and then make nearly 30 tampons in various colors. Plus, we have company coming this weekend. Needless to say, it'll be another few nights of no sleep and then back to the daily grind.

Weight loss wise, I'm up again this week. I'm not really sure what I did wrong, but the scale says I'm up about 4 lbs. I walked a few days this week (both with the baby and without) for about 20-45 minutes each time. I also did some weight lifting. I even ate fairly well this week. I gave myself 2 days off towards the end of the week, but even then, I didn't go crazy. I had a lot of watermelon, but that's has so few calories.... I really don't know what happened. The only thing I can think of is that Auntie Flo is coming to town any day now so maybe I'm bloated? My measurements are still the same, too. I did drop a pant size though - I'm down to a 12. This week is already off to a bad start and I don't really think that I care. I might just pick it up again after Aunt Flo leaves.

On another note, M now knows her full name and can tell you what it is if you ask her. She also knows what apartment number we live in. :) None of the other kids in her class know those yet. I'm very proud of her. She got her "progress report" this week, too. She's got all A's (A = Always) except for 3 S's (Sometimes). So we need to work on gender identification (she thinks everyone is a girl), potty training (we're well on our way) and cause & effect. Then she'll have aced everything there is on her sheet for this "class" level. Then it's moving on up to Get Set, followed shortly thereafter by preschool. YIKES. I'm so not ready for pre-k yet.

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mommy2luke2008 said...

Way to go M!!! That's great!

I coupon too and find it very overwhelming to clip and organize. Right now I am like 3 weeks behind and it makes me want to just throw them away and start fresh again. Plus I haven't even been seeing any good deals here in my town so that makes it even more tiring to coupon for no reason.

I totally need to get Luke and I on a routine. I feel tired all the time and I have no energy to do anything. Then I babysit my nieces 3 nights a week and they come late at night and get Luke all buzzed up right before bedtime. I honestly wish I could quit watching them, as much as I love them, I've asked their mom to bring them early and she doesn't. It's getting too hard on me.

I hope you get caught up with everything and get back on track. Just wanted you to know that I'm right there with ya!