Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tell me I'm not the only one....

M has begun this new.... I'll call it a phase.

The other day, after I picked the Monster up from school, we were on our way home when all of a sudden I hear...
Hi Mommy!

Do you know that little stinker unbuckled her seat belt and was standing right next to my ear!

Of course, I pulled over right away and buckled her back in, but now she thinks it's hilarious to unbuckle herself in the car. She only does this for me and it's freaking me out. Sometimes I'm not able to pull over right away and so I make her sit on the floor and not move until I get to a shoulder or parking lot and can get her back in her seat.

Does anyone else have experience with this? 

What do you do to keep your kid's seat belt on? 

I tell her she needs to ask Mommy or Daddy before she unbuckles herself, but sometimes she forgets and does it anyway. She also loves to unbuckle the seat belt as soon as I close her door so that I have to open it back up and buckle her again. At least then the door isn't moving yet, but even still, it's a pain in the butt.


Jenerally Speaking said...

Your not the only one!!!

My youngest daughter, 2, spilled her milk all over her seat so i had to take it out and wash the cover. It took me a week to get it put back and in the mean time it let her sitting in a booster. She would get up and climb around all over the car. I was so frustrated so i got it put back together asap! :)

mommy2luke2008 said...

Luke doesn't do this yet, thank goodness! I'm wondering if there is something you can do to to the belts to make them child proof? I bet there is something out there.