Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Traditions

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My family was always big on traditions when I was little. When I had M, I decided that I wanted to make traditions a big part of her life, too. With Easter coming up, I've been thinking about the traditions we already started to make for that holiday.

When I was younger, my mother didn't really make too big a deal of the holiday. Sure, we went to church and yes, we had Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts. But that was really it. I knew when I had M that I wanted to make Easter a bigger part of her life and I want her to get involved.

For her first Easter, we just saw the Easter bunny and had a family dinner at my in-laws. That was about it. Of course, M was only a month and a half or so old at the time and I wasn't really up for too much else.

Last year, M loved the Easter bunny.

She couldn't wait to see him. She also got her first Easter basket, which she loved (and which I can't believe I didn't post pictures of last year).

As she gets older, I want to start doing more things with her. So far this year, we've only made some decorations. I cut out some egg shapes on spring colored construction paper. I also picked up some Easter stickers that were 50% off at Joann's and let her stick them all over the eggs. The next step was to add some crayon. M loved this craft project and the eggs will soon be covering our hallway wall! I'll have to post some pictures later this week.

We're going to get some photos done with M and the Easter bunny again this weekend, as well as some very late 2nd birthday pictures. We're also headed to my mother-in-law's again for Easter.

Next year (or the year after), I'd like to start making some Easter breads with her. We used to make eggs in an Easter basket when I was little. I loved this. You dye your Easter eggs, place them in a bread "basket" and add a handle. Once it's cooked, you add a sugar icing on top. Yum! 

I'd also like to start making Resurrection rolls with her. If you've never heard of Resurrection rolls, I highly suggest checking out Smashed Peas & Carrots Recipe. Basically, you take some marshmallows, roll them in butter, sugar & cinnamon. Then you wrap some crescent roll dough around the marshmallow. The story line being that the marshmallow is Jesus' body and the butter is the oil and the sugar & cinnamon are the incense that His body were anointed with. The crescent roll represents his shroud and the oven represents the tomb his body was placed in. When you bake the rolls, the marshmallow evaporates - signifying his rising. I think that this is a great way to teach M about Easter. Obviously she's too young to understand the story now, but I think I may start making the rolls this year to get her used to the tradition. Then we can bring the rolls with us to Grandma's!

Here's a picture of what Maggie's finished rolls looked like. For more photos, you should definitely check out her recipe

Do you guys have any Easter traditions that you do every year? 
What about plans for this year?


NOTE: Log Cabin Syrups is paying me for this post about how I've updated my family traditions, but other this did not influence my post in any way. Any thoughts and opinions are my own and this is how we really have updated one of our family traditions.

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BOWquet said...

How fun!!!! Last year w/ my daughter we did a mini easter egg hunt in our yard.. Then we always have dinner w/ inlaws.. This year, we're doing dinner with them on Saturday, so Sunday I'll make a special meal for my hubby and daughter and then we'll do another egg hunt. And I totally LOVE doing EAster baskets, it's so fun!