Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30DC: Get Moving - Days 15 & 16

DAY 15 (2/28):
Squats: 40

DAY 16 (3/1):
Leg Raises: 40

Reverse Crunches: 20
Weight Training: 3-4 minutes

Jumping Jacks: 50
Lunges: 1 minute
Push Ups (against the wall): 40
Squats: 20

Today was a better day compared to the last few days. I still ate kind of crappy, but at least I got some decent work outs in there. I've been trying to decide if I can count cleaning my living room in there for today, but decided against it (even though I did break a sweat!). 

I know I've been eating bad because of my allergies. I get them so bad that if I don't take something (claritin, sudafed, etc), my lymph nodes get so swollen that I can't speak or breathe. That's what happened back in early January. The down-side to take the meds is that I am always starving! And thirsty, too. Oh well, it's definitely better to breathe.

And just so you guys know, I didn't do all of today's exercises in a row. I did 25 jumping jacks first thing in the morning. Then I did the squats & push-ups randomly through out the day. I did the rest during my cleaning breaks this evening.

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