Monday, February 28, 2011

Get $25 worth of eco-friendly products... FREE

Want to know how to get $25 worth of eco-friendly products for free?

Register at Gaggle of Chicks, which is a deal of the day site. You get $10 to spend just for registering!

Once you've registered, use the $10 on the 'national deal' on the right-hand side for 60% off eco-friendly goods. They'll send you an email with a code that can be used from 3/2-3/4 for $25 of

Keep in mind that the cheapest shipping from there is about $10.20, so you really only have about $14 to spend, but there are lots of things for only a few dollars.
That's it! I think I'll be getting M a new night light and some baby wipes. They also have trash bags, cleaning products and a lot more!

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Ally said...

ohhh, thanks for the tip!!