Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Twas the month before Christmas....

I read this poem over at Scale Junkie today and I had to share it. How cute is it?!

Twas the month before Christmas

A Little Holiday Season Poem
by Scale Junkie

Twas the month before Christmas when up on the scale
I saw a number that made me turn pale
I looked back to the past, to the beginning of the year
and wondered out loud, “how the hell did I get here?”

I could have just waited until the first of the year
But that would only increase the size of my rear
Instead of sleeping late, curled up in my bed
I’ll put on my sweat pants, healthy mantras in my head

I’ll head out the door at dawns first light
To Sadie and Max these walks are a delight
We’ll walk around the block and even try to jog
It helps when your walking buddy is not one but two dogs

I’ll fight with courage and determination
To rid my body of this abomination
I’ll work my ass off and I’ll eat right
I won’t give up til I win this fight

I’ll head to the store to chose healthy dishes
I’ll grill up veggies, lean meat and fishes
My body will be happy and start to look lean
Join my adventure, you’ll see what I mean.

When I go to parties, I’ll make a plan
To the food pushers, I’ll make a stand
I’ll spend the night munching on crudités
So I won’t feel guilty at all the next day

I’ll be mindful of portions and their sizes
I walk, I’ll lift and try new exercises
And when the first of the year does arrive
I’ll smile with delight wearing a smaller size

The end
The Beginning! 

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