Friday, September 24, 2010

One of those weeks...

First of all, to the girls who do the weekly weigh in. Amy sent me an email this morning asking me to let you know that she is back. We are going to co-host the weigh in each week, that way if something happens to either of us, the other will be able to take over.

Now on to my reason for posting.

I found out this week that the company where J works is going to be heavily downsizing. Being one of the newer hires, he's on the short list. We were lucky enough that one of the owner's of the company warned him, but even still, it's enough to start stressing over. It took us 2 years just to find him this job. And now we need to start looking for a new one... again. Do you know how hard it is to find a job right now? Especially something full time... So there's number 1.

And then there's my job. I'm the type of person who finds a job and just sticks with it, through thick or thin. And I know that I mentioned this all a few weeks ago (if you missed it, you can check the other post out here). Yet lately, I've begun to really hate my job. Like... I can't stand it. My boss emails me on a near daily basis to tell me what I do "wrong". Mind you, I take more calls each day than most of the other techs here. Yesterday, he emails me to tell me, essentially, that I'm no longer allowed to speak unless spoken to because my 'speaking' handicaps some of our newer techs. I rarely speak to the other techs unless I have a question or have an answer to their question. So this really pissed me off. Then I find out one of my co-workers complained that I never let her finish her calls. This is the same co-worker who only takes 10 calls a day (I take 100) and who has a 30 minute chat with the mailman when he comes in. Why do I finish her calls? Because she leaves them there and doesn't touch them for HOURS.

So I haven't been taking any of the calls she starts and I haven't been speaking in the office unless spoken to. Today my boss calls me and tells me to do some little thing for him and I tell him ok and that I don't need him for anything else. What does he say to me? "You sound... different." Of course I sound different. I sound fed up and defeated. I sound pissed off and depressed. You can't yell at someone every day for stuff that they didn't even do wrong and expect them to stay their happy, chipper selves. You can't expect them to want to keep up with calls when they tell you that they're fed up with something and you tell them "ok" and never do anything about it. Something has got to give.

I'm just really frustrated. And the worst part is that our vacation times are blacked out from now until November. So I can't even take any time off for a mental health day... or week.

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BOWquet said...

:( When it rains, it pours, right!?
Praying it all works out for you guys.