Friday, August 20, 2010

A little weight loss motivation

I was looking at pictures the other day (of me) and I'm really starting to see the difference!! I feel more motivated when I compare and I wanted to share with you!

April 2009
It looks like my boobs and my belly are 1 entity

August 2009
My belly is bigger than my boobs and at that time I was a DDD!

April 2010
Belly is now about the same size as my chest. Sides slimmed down a bit, back fat started going away

June 2010
Belly now slightly smaller than chest. I can see my hip curves.

August 2010
Belly still slightly smaller than chest, sides curved in a lot.

My arms & chest are still way bigger than I'd like, but I can definitely notice my waist & stomach areas going down a bit. And just for good measure... here are my goal motivation pictures.

You see how loose that blue sweatshirt USED to be?! That's the same one from the April 2010 picture!!!
May 2008
March 2008
Nov 2007
August 2006
I WILL get there again some day. Maybe not all the way, but I'm determined to get close. 12.5lbs down, 49.6 to go.


BOWquet said...

you're doing a GREAT job! :)

Marci said...

yay! It's so fun to FINALLY see the results of your hard work for yourself! Keep it up, you're getting there and you look great! The pictures definitely show your work!!

lindsey said...

You can do it!
I have a few sweatshirts that dont look the same on anymore too. :(

That one girl said...

Yeah, you can do it! I still have ten and can't wait to get back into my clothes!