Friday, July 16, 2010

21 Day Challenge: Drink More Water

I have decided to give myself a 21 day challenge. And maybe, if this one is successful, I will do multiple challenges.

Why 21 days? It takes about 21 days to effectively make or break a habit. If you'll notice on the left side bar, I've added a section to update daily with my progress.

My current challenge will be to drink a minimum of 6 cups of water daily. I won't necessarily be eliminating other drinks from my day, but I want to start drinking more water every day. As it is now, sometimes I'm lucky to only drink a half a cup of water a day, if that.

Yes, I know you should drink 6-8 cups of water a day (at least). Yes, I know drinking more water helps your digestion & curbs your appetite. Eventually I'd like to get to a minimum of 8 glasses per day, but for now I will start at 6. 6 is still better than what I do now.


Anonymous said...


what a wonderful idea! Good luck! I should actually try that was well. I really do not drink enough water.


Pavei Photos said...

Move to will help with your new's sooooo hot here we drink about 20 cups!! lol Good luck!!!

Just the 3 of us said...

I think you'll do a great job drinking water... :)
You could also move to Florida, it is hot and humid, I'm constantly drinking water. Although I don't think I'm at 8 cups either...
I know you can do it!!!!!

Cranberry Morning said...

Good for you! I've had kidney stones. There's nothing like a kidney stone to get your attention and remind you to drink more water! Now I'm very aware of needing to keep well watered. :-)

Thanks for visiting Cranberry Morning and leaving a comment for me. :-)

Mhel said...

Hi! thanks for follow. following you back now. good tips! happy weekends too!