Saturday, June 19, 2010

My first hate mail

So on Fridays, I like to participate in New Friend Friday (and sometimes another one or two, but usually just NFF). If you've never joined NFF, please visit The Girl Creative this upcoming Friday and join in! It's a great way to find new blogs and meet new people.

That being said, the guidelines of the blog hop are pretty clear.
* Add a link to your main blog
* Visit the blog of the person whose name is above and below your name in the list and comment on their blog.
* Visit as many blogs as you can and leave comments telling them you are visiting from New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative.
* There is no obligation to follow everyone who follows you. Please just follow the blogs that are of interest to you. :)
* Family Friendly Blogs ONLY please. Explicit sites will be removed.

So today I got a pretty hateful comment because I've commented on this woman's blog a few times, but have never 'followed' her. I don't know how you guys follow people, but I only like a few blogs to show in my feed. Any other blog that I 'follow', I tend to either memorize the url or I put it in my favorites. That way it's not crowding my feed, but I can still return to it at my leisure (these being mostly giveaway/review blogs). I'm sorry, but I don't need to read your reviews/blog hops/giveaways every day. I prefer to save them for one day and then go through all of them.

Now, this woman's blog even describes itself as "a place for posting about blog giveaways from other sites that I find interesting, and for posting about my other chosen topics of interest". Anyway, here is the email I received today:

Hi Dani,
I have noticed that you have visited my blog a couple of times on Friday Follows and left a comment but not a follow. I've also noticed that you have been doing this with several bloggers who do not check. It pretty much looks like you're just trying to build your numbers.
If that's what you are doing it probably would not go over very well with some people (like me). It's just not cool and the blogging community does monitor itself somewhat.
I don't mind your not following, but don't leave a comment that gives the impression you are participating in the blog hop process; at least on my blog. In fact I respectfully request you not leave more comments to my blog hop posts.

Ok, so not only does this email tell me that you don't read the guidelines of New Friend Friday (which state you should comment as much as possible, but you're under no obligation to follow), but they're demanding that I either comment & follow them or don't comment at all. Ok, fine, I won't comment at all. If the woman who wrote me this email is reading right now, here is my message to you.

Dear Angry Blogger,

If you want me to follow your blog, please add more content than blog hops and giveaways from other sites on your blog. It'd also be nice if you read the guidelines of the blog hop before you participate and send me harassing emails because I didn't follow you.


Do you guys ever get hate mail? Do you ignore it or do you respond? I really feel kind of insulted by her email... but maybe I'm taking it to hard. I contacted the head of the blog hop, not that it's her fault or that she can do anything, but I just hope that this woman isn't sending other bloggers the same angry emails!


Mommyto2 said...

wow! That lady is pretty crazy! I have yet to get any hateful e-mails. I cannot believe she would write you that!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

OMG!! That is crazy! What the heck?! There are plenty of times that I will leave comments and follow! And that is definitely not something I monitor!

I'm dying to know who she is! ;-p

Creative Minds said...

This woman must have a lot of time on her hands. I would just ignore. lol

Life From the Womb said...

I love new followers, but for me a blog hop is about finding new blogs. There are so many great ones out there! Thanks for stopping by mine by the way. And now I'm going to learn how to create a signature for my posts!

Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

Wow that is crazy! I haven't gotten any hate mail but then again, I don't have very many followers yet. Although, I have gotten comments from people who are NOT followers & I do not mind. Whoever sent this really must have nothing better to do!

lindsey said...

LOL. I would totally just ignore her from now on. Too bad she is being snotty like that. I guess it kind of makes sense that she would be a little confused but she totally didnt need to send hate mail. I am totally on your side on this post. That lady just needs to lighten up and not take this so stinkin seriously!
Hope you have a great day :)

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

Yeeeaaaahhhhh this is why I stopped doing blog hops and all those other little daily things. People lose sight of the community building and focus on numbers way too much.

As for hate mail...ooooh Lord, I think you know the answer to that one ;-) Knock on wood, my troll hasn't come around in awhile.

Mommyto2 said...

I just saw where The girl Creative posted about the rules for New Friend Friday.. So glad she said something about it!