Thursday, May 13, 2010

15 months and counting

The Monster turned 15 months on the 6th, which meant is was time for another well visit. She & I headed over to the pediatrician yesterday (Daddy had to work) and she was actually really excited. In fact, I've never seen her so excited for the doctors. Our pediatrician's office is a practice with 5 rotating doctors. We've seen 3 of them now and this newest one, she really liked. I think if we don't get him again in August, I'm going to request him. I like that he played with her, talked to her and made her laugh. I also like that he explained everything to me, answered my questions, diagnosed her 'dry skin' on her back as eczema (I've been asking about it every time we go there, he's the first to give any advice) and he made sure I was happy. The perfect pediatrician!

He was very pleased with the Princess, remarking that she's already hit most of her 18mos milestones and some of her 24mos ones. He even went out to look at the fish in the lobby with her. The doctor said her growing (tallness) has slowed down a little bit, but she's still over the 90th percentile for height (31.75") and she in the 82nd percentile for weight (25lbs 13.2oz). He also mentioned that he couldn't tell if her congestion is due to allergies or a cold (I hadn't even thought to ask), but he said if she has the congestion for over a month, it's likely allergies. <3 I really hope that we get him again August.

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