Thursday, March 4, 2010

More School Stuff

As I promised, here is the nap mat that I made for M!

It features a double sided mint green minky blanket that is attached to the mat. There is also an attached pillow made from the minky and a coordinating cotton. The mat itself is made from a fabric that I fell in love with and is stuffed with a ton of batting to make it extra soft and cushiony. They do have mats at her school, but they wanted us to bring in a 'sleeping bag'. Now if your kid is like mine, she hates being zipped up tight like that. M didn't even like being swaddled after she was born! So, the nap mat was born. I created the pattern myself, just sort of winging it as I went along, but I am VERY pleased with the way it came out. In fact, I would love one now.

The mat came out to be approximately 20" wide and I'd guess around 60" long (including the pillow). The blanket is about 40" wide (ample room for snuggling), so there is plenty of room for growth and hopefully it will last her through Kindergarten. What does M think? Well, she loves it and refuses to let it go. She kept dragging it around the apartment, trying to snuggle with it. haha. I ended up making her another pillow that was separate for the house.


It rolls up nicely and has a shoulder strap so that it hangs at my hip, too. I made the strap long so that I can hold the diaper bag and nap mat on the same shoulder and the baby on the other.

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