Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Movin' On Up

I took the little Monster to school this morning and was told that starting next week she'll be transitioning into the class above her (called First Steps). This is exciting for us! I was reading over the paper they gave us about the things they'll be working on with her - these include using 2 word phrases, trying to sing, putting puzzles together, showing a hand preference, eating with utensils, walking up and down stairs, smelling flowers, etc. Now these are things I practice with her every day, but I find it's a really big help having teachers who actively work on these things with the children, too. It's a big relief that she's not just at a daycare where they let her sit and watch tv all day (no tv at all at her school!). I'm not one of those parents who doesn't let their kid watch tv, but it's nice to know she's active. When I work from home (I'm an IT tech for those of you who don't know) and I need to make a phone call, I have no issues putting her in her room with her toys and turning on Sesame Street or Little Einsteins. She actually likes the tv on for the music, but she doesn't usually watch it (though she does know how to turn it on and off now, it's quite annoying when we're trying to watch House or Chuck and the princess comes and turns it off during the most interesting parts. haha).

First Steps is the classroom where the kids (there are only 8 kids in the class and 2 teachers) only take 1 nap and they use a nap mat/sleeping bag instead of a crib. So now I need to step it up and start working on her lunch boxes and her nap mat - since she'll need it for Monday! I chose the Love Your Lunch Box Bag by Ginia18 for her.
 Isn't it cute? I have already cut the pieces, they just need to be sewn together. I think I'm going to need to make her 2 of them though - 1 for breakfast and morning snack and 1 for lunch and afternoon snack.


Creative Minds said...

Awesome. Way to go Maddie!!!
That lunch box is so super cute

The Double Dipped Life said...

Congrats to Maddie! That lunch bag is very cute!