Monday, May 18, 2009

18 may 2009

M's been pretty whiny today.... not really cranky, just whiny. I can't tell if it's because she's sick or because she's teething. She slept 13 hours last night (minus 10 minutes to eat at 7:20am) before I woke her up. And even then, I changed her, fed her and she fell right back to sleep. She's been sleeping pretty much the entire day, in fact. I did have to wake her up one other time though because she was screaming in her sleep like she was being hurt.

Jesse went away from Friday to Mother's Day - he stayed at his mom's. I stayed home with the baby. She was pretty good, though she definitely missed her daddy. You could tell from the stunned expression she had on her face for about 10 minutes.

I actually made M that dress and headband just for the occasion. She looked adorable. The dress is so much better in person and it was the first clothing piece I've sewn. :)

I made her a pouch sling, too. I love it because it's so much easier to carry her in than the front to back carriers and she can use it up to about 35lbs since there are so many different carrying positions. She loves it, too, because it's so comfortable for her.

You can see more pictures here

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amanthony said...

the dress, headband and sling are all adorable! and your baby, well, she's cuter than adorable!